Introduction to The Philosophy of Economics: An Anthology

Preface to the second edition from Cambridge University Press, 1994


Part I. Classic Discussions

1. On the definition and method of political economy JOHN STUART MILL

2. Objectivity and understanding in economics MAX WEBER

3. The nature and significance of economic science LIONEL ROBBINS

4. Economics and human action FRANK KNIGHT

5. Ideology and method in political economy KARL MARX

6. The limitations of marginal utility THORSTEIN VEBLEN

Part II. Positivism and economic methodology

7. On verification in economics TERENCE W. HUTCHISON

8. On indirect verification FRITZ MACHLUP

9. The methodology of positive economics MILTON FRIEDMAN

10. Testability and approximation HERBERT SIMON

11. Why look under the hood? DANIEL M. HAUSMAN

Part III. Economics, ideology and ethics

12. Science and ideology JOSEPH SCHUMPETER

13. Science and ideology in economics ROBERT SOLOW

14. Economics and moral philosophy DANIEL M. HAUSMAN AND MICHAEL S. MCPHERSON

Part IV. Special methodological problems and perspectives

15. On econometric tools JACOB MARSCHAK

16. Economic model construction and econometrics JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES

17. The corporation and the economist DENNIS C. MUELLER

18. The market as a creative process JAMES M. BUCHANAN AND VIKTOR J. VANBERG

19. Methodological differences between institutional and neoclassical economics WILLIAM DUGGER

Part V. New directions in economic methodology

20. Paradigms versus research programmes in the history of economics MARK BLAUG

21. If economics isn't a science, what is it? ALEXANDER ROSENBERG

22. The rhetoric of economics DONALD MCCLOSKEY

Selected bibliography