Practice Logic Quiz

Part I: True or False?

1. Every sound argument is valid.

2. If the premises and the conclusion of an argument are true, then the argument is sound.

3. If an argument is sound, then its premises and conclusions are true.

4. It is impossible to produce a valid argument for a false conclusion.

5. If an argument is invalid, then its conclusion is false.

6. Unless I am confused about logic, I cannot be wrong about whether an argument is rationally persuasive to me.

7. If the premises in an argument are controversial, then the argument can still be sound.

8. Sound arguments are true arguments.

9. To judge whether an argument is valid, you do not need to know whether the premises or the conclusion are true or false.

10. If two people agree about what an argument says and disagree about whether it is sound, then one of them must be wrong.

II. Reconstructing an argument

It has been argued that since it is obviously unobjectionable to permit people to sell blood or hair, there can be no objection to a woman charging "rent" for the use of her womb. Reformulate this as a valid argument for the conclusion that surrogate motherhood should be legally permissible and comment on whether it is sound.

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