Philosophy/Economics 524: Philosophy of Economics Spring 2012

Dan Hausman

Revised Schedule: March 20-April 10

Tuesday, March 20: Keynesian Macro-economics

  • Paul Samuelson, Economics, pp. 220-223; 228-232; 234-246
  • Alan Blinder, “Keynesian Economics”

Thursday, March 22: Keynesian Macro-economics: IS-LM Term papers due

  • Paul Krugman “IS-LMentary”
  • David Roemer, “The IS-MP Model”

Tuesday, March 27: The New-classical Critique of Keynesian Macroeconomics

  • Robert Lucas and Thomas Sergent, "After Keynesian Macroeconomics" CR
  • Kevin Hoover, "New Classical Macroeconomics" CR

Wednesday, March 28: Dinner Meeting

  • Gary Gorton, “Questions and Answers about the Financial Crisis”
  • Movie: “Inside Job”

Thursday, March 29. No class

Tuesday, April 10: Understanding the “Lesser Depression”

  • Brad deLong, “Understanding the Lesser Depression”